What REALLY Goes into Managing a New York Residence…

While every home requires some level of management—basic maintenance, cleaning, bill pay and, simply, locking up at night—luxury New York City properties often need an additional layer of support and servicing. Given homeowners often jet-set lifestyles, added household staff considerations and other unique property and family demands, residence management can take on an entirely new dimension in the city—and can require an entirely different and more customized approach.

So the big question: what does residential property management in NYC really take? And, from there, where can a busy homeowner find the right residence management in NYC — a service that will support their household, their family and their needs? Start here…

FIRST, think about household staff

Residential property management in NYC, often, starts with managing the household staff. New York homes often have one or more household staffers—think housekeepers, butlers, drivers, chefs, nannies, tutors among other full- and part-time help. Bringing in a residence or estate manager or service can help connect the dots between these individuals or teams, coordinating schedules, deliverables and overall care. For many New Yorkers, this instantly increases efficiency while ensuring tasks are completed correctly and honestly.

THEN, consider your needs

Beyond just household staff management, residential property management in NYC typically integrates a variety of diverse tasks based on the specific wants and needs of the individual client and his/her family. For example, residential managers can handle specific errands and chores, such as organizing closets, overseeing donations, sorting and managing mail or, even, coordinating household purchases.

By staying in-step with household staff as well as you and your family, good residential managers can ensure everything gets done the way you want it, with an unwavering client-first attitude. At Elite Custom Concierge, for example, our residential managers are committed to their clients, and open to virtually any task that makes your life easier and better. That could mean one-time tasks and emergency errands, ongoing support and household management or overseeing niche projects like interior design and decorating.

ALSO, think about your professional commitments

Now more than ever, millions of New Yorkers work from home, at least sometimes. Quality residential managers can help strike that balance, coordinating and managing home and office needs. Having that support helps drive efficiency and effectiveness in both aspects of life, while enabling clients to stay ahead of the lofty demands on their time so they can achieve better work/life balance.

AND DON’T FORGET peace of mind…

Beyond the clear-cut services and benefits, there’s another unique goal that comes from integrating top-notch residential property management in NYC: peace of mind. Residential managers can be the eyes and ears of your home—not to mention, a second set of hands when you need them. This alone provides critical assurances that your home is operating efficiently and, beyond that, is safe and looked-after, even when you’re away. For many clients, that’s the true benefit of residential management in NYC—having someone to check in, open the door for the decorator and ensure everything is exactly as it should be.

Understanding the ELITE difference

That peace of mind is our core focus at Elite Custom Concierge. Our residential management in NYC services include everything from household staff management to home organization, maintenance, interior design and house sitting, among other ongoing and one-off tasks. With full- and part-time options available as well as one-time requests, our fully customized residential management services seamlessly integrate the services and support you need on your terms. Contact us to learn more and to discover how a residential manager can improve your household, your family and your life.

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